HDI Denu Base Cavity Liner Pulp Capping Material 2x2g


HDI Denu Base Liner Cavity Light Cure Pulp Capping Material 2x2g Syringe

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Denu Base Liner is a light-cured, liner/base material. It is used under direct and indirect restorations, including composite, amalgam, ceramic and metal restorations. A pulp-capping material prior to placement of restorative materials.

• Excellent bond strength with a hard set in seconds.

• Excellent performance under both direct and indirect restorations.

• Fast technique and excellent handling characteristics allow for quick and easy placement.

• Forms a strong bond to dentin, sealing the tooth to reduce the incidence of microleakage, which helps reduce post-operative sensitivity.

• Produces zones of inhibition against bacteria commonly found in the oral cavity in-vitro.

• Compensates shrinkage of the filling.

• Prevention of cracks.

• Minimize teeth microfracture rate and secondary decay.

• Antibacterial properties.

Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
Cure Type
Light Cure
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100 Items
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