HDI Denu Base Cavity Liner Pulp...
HDI Denu Base Cavity Liner Pulp...
HDI Denu Base Cavity Liner Pulp...

HDI Denu Base Cavity Liner Pulp Capping Material 2x2g


HDI Denu Base Liner Cavity Light Cure Pulp Capping Material 2x2g Syringe

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Denu Base Liner is a light-cured, liner/base material. It is used under direct and indirect restorations, including composite, amalgam, ceramic and metal restorations. A pulp-capping material prior to placement of restorative materials.

• Excellent bond strength with a hard set in seconds.

• Excellent performance under both direct and indirect restorations.

• Fast technique and excellent handling characteristics allow for quick and easy placement.

• Forms a strong bond to dentin, sealing the tooth to reduce the incidence of microleakage, which helps reduce post-operative sensitivity.

• Produces zones of inhibition against bacteria commonly found in the oral cavity in-vitro.

• Compensates shrinkage of the filling.

• Prevention of cracks.

• Minimize teeth microfracture rate and secondary decay.

• Antibacterial properties.

Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
Cure Type
Light Cure
Delivery Type
100 Items
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