HDI Denu Non Eugenol Temporary Crown...
HDI Denu Non Eugenol Temporary Crown...

HDI Denu Non Eugenol Temporary Crown & Bridge Cement 2x5ml


HDI Denu Non Eugenol Temporary Cement For Crown Bridge Restoration 2x5ml

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Temp Cement NE is a temporary cement for cementing restorations, temporary crowns, and bridges.

Temp Cement NE comes in an automix syringe for more convenient and easy use.

• Flows and mixes easily. Delivers optimal consistency for solid, complete seating of temporary restorations.

• High bond strength. Heightens patient confidence. Prevents leakage and sensitivity to cold and heat.

• Easy to remove.

• Enhances patient comfort.

• Minimizes the potential for damage to the prep or temporary restoration.

• With the attachment of eco-tip, the minimum amount of Denu Temp Cement is used.

• Due to fast curing in the oral cavity, the operation time is reduced.

• No irritation of soft tissue.

Field of use
Crown & Bridge Fixation
Cure Type
Self Cure
Cement Type
Zinc-Oxide Non-Eugenol
Mixing Type
Delivery Type
100 Items
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