DSI EDTA 17% Root Canal Treatment...
DSI EDTA 17% Root Canal Treatment...
DSI EDTA 17% Root Canal Treatment...

DSI EDTA 17% Root Canal Treatment Preparation Solution 15ml


DSI EDTA 17% Liquid 15ml

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DSI EDTA Solution 17% contains a mixture of EDTA potassium and sodium salts (17%) that possess high antiseptic properties. Surface-active antiseptic is added to achieve a foaming effect and quick penetration into dental pulp of canals and micro-canals, together with the reduction of the surface tension.

DSI EDTA Solution 17% shows optimal performance in softening the root canal, dissolving and removing calcium.

DSI EDTA Solution 17% is water-based, so it is very easy to get into the canal and remove it afterwards.

Being a lubricant, the solution makes instrumentation much easier.

DSI EDTA Solution 17% is explicitly engineered with lower pH for best performance!


Works as a final flushing solution during root-canal preparation
Opens calcified canals
Prevents canal blockage
Provides a clean environment
Enlarges canals
Removes smear layer and dentin mud


Neutral pH
Safe and effective
Clear and odorless

Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
EDTA Chelating Agent
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