HDI Denu Restoration Universal...
HDI Denu Restoration Universal...

HDI Denu Restoration Universal Composite Kit


HDI DENU Restorative Composite Kit

8 composites X4gr:
1x A1
4x A2
2x A3
1x B2
2x Denu bond 5ml
1x Denu etch 3ml

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The universal composite combines strength and aesthetics for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Its nano-hybrid formula has been independently proven to deliver surface smoothness for easy polishability, polish retention, and wear resistance with outstanding physical properties.

Denu Composite Resin is water soluble with the optimal biocompatibility and provides a high polymerization rate, low shrinkage with enhanced flexural rigidity.

Non-Sticky or slumping is to allow excellent usability for the application of all anterior and posterior teeth restorations.

Also enables better blending capabilities and enhanced structural integrity, providing your restorations with exceptional strength and unmatched aesthetics


  • Direct fillings of Class I to V
  • Restorations of traumatic defects of hard dental tissues
  • Directly manufactured aesthetic veneers
  • Shape and shade corrections
  • Intraoral repairs of veneered parts of fixed prosthetic restorations
  • Direct build-ups of vital as well as endodontic treated teeth


  • Extraordinary shine - visible as soon as you handle it
  • Low wear rates for beautiful long lasting restorations
  • Soft, sculptable handling that is designed to resist sticking to the instrument
  • Familiar shades are easy to use and save you time
  • Convenient delivery system with syringe 
  • High strength and excellent water soluble with optimum nanofiller
  • Compressive strength 396 Mpa, Flexural strength 175 Mpa, Hardness 95 Mpa
  • Excellent applicability(Non-Sticky and easy application)
  • Manifested clearly on X-ray scan, Highly polishable
  • Applicable for all anterior and posterior teeth restorations (Class l~V )
  • Excellent color match with natural tooth
Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
Cure Type
Light Cure
Composite Type
Delivery Type
Bundle Kit
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