HDI Denu Flow Resin Flowable Composite Restoration Material 2x2g


 HDI Denu Light Cure Composite Flow Resin with Nano Filter 2x2g

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Light cured flowable composite resin with nano-hybrid filler.

The flowability ensures easy applications that require details and also easy

to use on tooth bridge or tooth barriers. It is also used as Base and Liner for

restorations as well as for tooth bridges or tooth barriers.

• Excellent water-soluble material with optimal nano-hybrid filler.

Compressive strength 340 Mpa, Flexural strength 150 Mpa, Hardness 65


• Excellent flow into the dental cavities by superb flowability.

• Low polymerization shrinkage, Available in adhering orthodontic bracket.

• Aesthetic is well considered by matching the near-natural tooth.

Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
Cure Type
Light Cure
Composite Type
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100 Items
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