DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...
DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...
DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...
DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...
DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...
DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...
DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...
DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair &...

DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair & Preparation Kit


DSI Cera-Fix Porcelain Repair Kit mini

  • Porcelain Etching, bottle 5 ml
  • Protecting gel, syringe 5 ml
  • Primer Adhesive, bottle 5 ml
  • Opaque Masking, syringe 3 ml
  • Applicator needles, 10 pcs
  • Mixing Accessories

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Cera-Fix Etching DSI Cera-Fix Kit Ceramgel Porcelain Ceramic Repair Cera-Fix Etching Set is an intraoral repair kit that is a necessary to the broken or damaged restorations intraorally.

When done well, porcelain repair is a less invasive and more cost-effective way to extend the longevity of porcelain restorations.

The Cera-Fix Etching Set Repair Kit contains 2 syringes, and 10 tips needed for composite-to-porcelain, porcelain-to-metal, and porcelain-to-porcelain repairs. This product offering reliable performance for chairside repairs of defective indirect restorations.

Cera-Fix Etching Set is used of utilizing a 30% to 40% phosphoric acid gel to prepare both the enamel and the dentin for adhesive procedures. One of the greatest advantages of this kit is the ability to prepare enamel, dentin, and sclerotic dentin for bonding, resulting in high bond strengths.

Product info:

Cera-Fix Etch - specially buffered, viscous, an acid gel which will etch ceramic of every type to create a microscopic porous surface, which can offer sturdy mechanical interlocking with composite resin materials.

Cera-Fix Protective Gel - it is important to etch porcelain and tooth structure separately with appropriate acids. The rubber dam is not always possible, and this is the moment when the Cera-Fix Protective Dam Gel is especially useful. It isolates hard and soft tissues, neutralizes acid etchants upon contact and protects soft tissues. It has a high contrast coloring and rinses easily after the use.

Cera-Fix Primer Adhesive - 5ml bottle - is a single component silane coupling agent, used to improve the adhesive bond between porcelain and composite. Used to enhance the wettability of glass substrates by composite resins, increase physical, mechanical and chemical bonding of composite to porcelain, and yield a greater resistance to water attack at the bonding interface solution.

Cera-Fix Opaque Masking 3ml syringe - can be used for pre opaquing after preparation and before the restoration with composites to provide more life-like view and hide the metal parts under the chipped crown or to mask a veneer fractures.


  • Conditioning of the ceramic veneers and glass-fiber posts.
  • Surface preparation for optimal bonding of the porcelain veneers.
  • Aesthetic repair of fractured porcelain crowns.
  • Surface preparation of porcelain crowns and inlays prior to cementation.


  • Time-saving system that comprises all necessary materials.
  • Quick & Easy repairs without mixing.
  • Easy to follow procedure with step by step instructions.
  • Excellent for PFMs, for all ceramic and composite repairs.
  • Extraoral pre-treatment of indirect restoration.
  • High bond strength to ceramic, composite and even to metal oxides, like zirconia
  • Compatible with restorative composites
  • Long, stable shelf-life
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