Pentron Build It FR Reinforced Fiber...
Pentron Build It FR Reinforced Fiber...
Pentron Build It FR Reinforced Fiber...

Pentron Build It FR Reinforced Fiber Post Core Material 8.6g x 4


Pentron 4x Dental Pentron Build It FR Light Core Auto Mix Syringes Refill Kit 8.6gr

VITA Shade
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Build-It Light Cure Core Material is specifically designed for clinicians that favor the on-command cure afforded by light cure core materials.

The high translucency of Build-It Light Cure enables a 10mm depth of cure without the need to build up incremental layers - with as little as 20 seconds curing time per surface.

Furthermore, once Build-It Light Cure is polymerized, it is as strong as the original Build-It FR Core Material, with the same mechanical properties.

A proprietary new BisGMA-free resin promotes non-sticky, sculpt-able handling enabling quick and easy adaption to the tooth and post.

  • 10mm depth of cure – streamlines placement and is designed to shorten procedure time
  • Two delivery options – available in syringe or single dose
  • Ideal hardness – preps like dentin to minimize ditching when transitioning from core material to tooth structure
  • Highly radiopaque – enables unmistakable detection on radiographs
  • On command light-cure – offers complete control of set time intraorally
  • Compatible with 4th-7th generation bonding agents – enables you to use your preferred bonding agent
  • BisGMA-free resin – contains no bisphenol A

Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
Cure Type
Dual Cure
Core Material
Mixing Type
Delivery Type
100 Items

Back in 1967, Pentron set a standard for quality and value in the dental consumables marketplace. Over the years, we introduced clinically proven product which still remain popular to this day: FibreKleer™ 4x and FibreKor™ fiber posts, Build-It™ core build up materials, Correct Plus™ VPS impression material, Simile™ universal composite and Breeze™ self-adhesive and RMGI cement systems. Dentists today are accomplishing more and achieving greater results than ever before, in practices that grow increasingly more complex. What we’ve come to realize along the way is that being a cutting edge product manufacturer only satisfies part of the equation. 

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