Pentron TempSpan Temporary Crown &...
Pentron TempSpan Temporary Crown &...
Pentron TempSpan Temporary Crown &...
Pentron TempSpan Temporary Crown &...
Pentron TempSpan Temporary Crown &...
Pentron TempSpan Temporary Crown &...

Pentron TempSpan Temporary Crown & Bridge Automix 80gr


Pentron TempSpan C&B Temporary Crown & Bridge Material 80gr

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TempSpan Dual Cure Temporary Crown & Bridge Material is specifically formulated to produce highly aesthetic and durable provisional restorations in the shortest time possible. The unique dual cure ability of TempSpan C&B Material provides clinicians to light cure in 60 seconds. TempSpan C&B Material offers the best possible match to natural dentition.

The innovative composite chemistry of Pentron TempSpan C&B Material offers several features and benefits over traditional auto-mix provisional materials. The unique, acrylic-free, resin-based formulation of TempSpan C&B Material provides outstanding physical properties to ensure reliable performance for both single unit restorations and multi-unit bridges. Because of its composite formulation, provisional restorations made with TempSpan C&B Material can be easily repaired or touched up with flowable composites.
TempSpan Temporary Crown and Bridge Material provides you with the ideal physical properties to create durable, long lasting provisional restorations. TempSpan Material’s unique dual cure formula allows you to light cure the provisional both intraorally and extraorally, minimizing both chair time and patient discomfort.


  • Supplied in a 50ml, auto-mix 1:1 ratio delivery system, TempSpan C&B Material enables you to use your standard impression material gun.
  • Dual cure formulation for intra-oral or extra-oral polymerization reduces chair time.
  • Outstanding physical properties ensure durable provisional restorations.
  • Ideal working & setting times whether you light cure or self cure.
  • 1:1 mixing ratio for convenient dispensing with standard 50ml gun.
  • Composite formulation is easily repaired or touched up with flowable composite.
Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
Provisional Crowns
Cure Type
Dual Cure
Temporary C&B Material
Mixing Type
Delivery Type
100 Items

Back in 1967, Pentron set a standard for quality and value in the dental consumables marketplace. Over the years, we introduced clinically proven product which still remain popular to this day: FibreKleer™ 4x and FibreKor™ fiber posts, Build-It™ core build up materials, Correct Plus™ VPS impression material, Simile™ universal composite and Breeze™ self-adhesive and RMGI cement systems. Dentists today are accomplishing more and achieving greater results than ever before, in practices that grow increasingly more complex. What we’ve come to realize along the way is that being a cutting edge product manufacturer only satisfies part of the equation. 

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