DSI Separating Reinforced Carbon Disc...
DSI Separating Reinforced Carbon Disc...
DSI Separating Reinforced Carbon Disc...

DSI Separating Reinforced Carbon Disc Metals 40mm x 0.2mm


100 DSI Carbon Reinforced Discs 40mm x 0.2mm for metals such as gold, stainless steel, nickel, chrome cobalt, etc.

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DSI separating carbon discs are considered as the highest quality and precision tools. They are produced using the latest manufacture technology and the strict raw materials control ensure that only the best and finest materials are used.

DSI discs can attain a colossal speed of 300km/h, yet even at this speed, they stay very powerful, safe and very accurate.

Such high performance is achieved by a combination of carefully selected raw materials and a high degree of dimensional accuracy during manufacturing.

DSI discs are ultra-thin reinforced double carbon core fused. In a nutshell, this means outstanding durability, flexibility, reliability, and performance.


  •     Extremely thin and flexible for quick cutting and precise interdental finishing.
  •     Excellent cutting and griding performance.
  •     Maximum flexural and breaking strength due to the ultra disc and cross-linked glass-fiber reinforcement.
  •     Low heat generation and material stress during procedures.
  •     Excessive durability.
  •     High radial run-out precision.
  •     Extremely low dust generation with minimum odor formation.
  •     Long lifespan 

Disc indications:

For metals, nickel, stainless steel, gold, chrome cobalt, titanium, etc.

Ultra-fine thin (40mm x 0.2mm) disc for separating and grinding.

Super fast rotational speed.

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