DSI Iodoform Dressing Strip Bandage...
DSI Iodoform Dressing Strip Bandage...
DSI Iodoform Dressing Strip Bandage...
DSI Iodoform Dressing Strip Bandage...

DSI Iodoform Dressing Strip Bandage Surgical Wound Care


DSI Iodoform Dressing Strip

Strip 10 mm x 2.5 m

Strip 20 mm x 2.5 m

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DSI Strip is an Iodoform saturated gauze fabric that uses the antimicrobial and healing properties of iodoform.

DSI Strip can be used in dentist or orthodontic office settings to pack tooth cavities, as an antiseptic and dry socket prevention measure.

DSI Strip is often used during tooth extractions.

Our strips facilitate excellent blood drainage, which prevents the formation of hematomas.

They are absorbent and are made in strips so they can be packed into a wound with substantial depth, yet will still be loose and porous enough to allow a wound drain.

Our Iodoform strips, although soaked in the antiseptic, are not moist to the touch. They are only slightly damp to maintain the mechanical function of gauze, yet will help prevent infection and necrotic tissue from forming.

As a basis of iodoform bandage tampon bandage made from 100% cotton with woven edges is used.
The bandage contains 5 g of iodoform.

DSI Strip Iodoform bandage has a mild anesthetic, antiseptic, and an effective absorption. Interact with wound exudate, iodoform allocates free iodine, which provides a pronounced bactericidal effect.

• Perfect for treatment of post-extraction sites.

• Great for the sinus disinfection.

• Effective antimicrobial action.

• Effective adsorption.

• Mildly analgesic action.

• Pronounced bactericidal effect.

Field of use
Advanced Wound Care
Surgical Procedures
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