DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit
DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit

DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit


DSI DLC Step Stopper Drills Kit 28pcs

Drills diameters: Ø2.8, Ø3.2, Ø3.65, Ø4.0, Ø4.5 mm

Each drill diameter has the following lengths: 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 11.5, 13.0mm

Also includes:

1 pilot drill with stopper
1 surgical bur
1 drill extender

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DSI has developed this newest state-of-the-art drills that are unmatched in the market today. The drills come with an innovative coating used to create lower heat and longer life for the drill. This drill bits has built-in stoppers, when the diameter of the apical part of each drill bit is equal to the diameter of the drill bit preceding it. It means that the whole drilling process will be extremely controlled and will always yield exceptionally expected results.

Special fit to the anatomical shape of the implant.


  • Less drilling.
  • Adapted specifically to the anatomical shape of the implant.
  • Better initial stability.
  • Expected results every time.
  • Less heat generation.
  • Outstanding stability.

DSI has developed the newest line of integral stopper DLC coated drills to the market. This is a new standard of quality, reliability and durability.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills are made for all the dental clinicians and especially implantologists worldwide.

DSI is well aware of the need for precision, reliability, and predictability during surgical procedures and implant placement.

During the drilling sequence, DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drill is a must-have tool, either for a young dentist or a life experienced implantologist with thousands of implant placements.

Nowadays, most of dental professionals are driven away from the attachable stoppers technique due to the lack of the precision and decontamination of the tissues.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills allow the dentist to attain both precision and safety through a unique and ergonomic design.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills come to aid and to simplify the drilling process and save chair time for you and your patients.

DLC dark grey coating is increasing the apex stability of the drill during the procedure and decreasing the drill's vibration and the cutting temperature during drilling the bone. Thanks to the coating the heat generation that is developed in the bone during the process is decreased to a minimum, which gives this drill a great advantage over all other drills. Because now the bone will not expand nor will shrink during the drilling, which will grant you a perfectly stable implant insertion, without any fear of abruption.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills work best with DSI Spiral or Conical Implants but can be used with other comparable systems on the market as well.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills adjust the socket for reducing the pressure on the implant neck if the socket is thin at the coronal area and increase the stability in a deeper area of the socket.

Such drilling sequence gives a huge advantage for immediate loading, and excellent biocompatibility, to reach the optimal osseointegration and complete healing process with no abruption. Promotes earlier bone apposition and provides greater stability during the first critical weeks after placement.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills are the best option in a sinus lifting procedure. They will give you the depth accuracy that is so crucial in such cases.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills come to prevent over-drilling, which will reduce the potential for sinus or nerve complications during osteotomies.

DSI DLC Integral stopper Drills eliminate the need to constantly check the drill depth markings and free you from frequent pauses to examine osteotomy depth. Now you can work more safely to the exact depth that you need, with zero mistakes.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills are user-friendly by their simplicity and intuitive design.
These drills are cost-effective and universally compatible with any implant system available on the market.
Every diameter (2.0, 2.8, 3.2, 3.65, 4.0 and 4.5) is color coded and contains the universal lengths of DSI integral stopper drills (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, and 13mm) for eliminating the risk of mistake. Simply take out the diameter size segment you need and follow the drill protocol by length.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills have a high cutting power, corrosion resistance, and outstanding reliability.
Control the machining of many kinds of medical stainless steel: it gives the drills an excellent resistance to the corrosion and every drill is processed by coating, heat treatment, electropolishing.

The drills are characterized by their excellent cutting performance.
The high centering precision and easy-guiding drills are smooth running (low-vibration) and cut with significantly reduced heat generation. The dental drills allow filigree and controlled working. With this pre-condition, you can attain highest precision results that are gentle on patients.

DSI DLC Integral Stopper Drills come in a special autoclavable plastic box that not only serves as a drills storage: the box top is designed to serve as a holder for a used drills during a surgical procedure.


  •     Made of high-quality surgical materials embed with a DLC dark grey coating, with an outstanding corrosion resistance and exceptional durability.
  •     Made on the latest generation, and highest precision CNC machines.
  •     Minimum drill/bone heat generation, low vibrancy, controlled and precise work with confidence.
  •     Universal sizes, compatible with the most implant sizes on the market.
  •     Special length marks that stay visible even in the harshest conditions.
Field of use
Surgical Procedures
Stainless Steel
Drill Type
Cylidrical DNT Coated
Drill With Stopper
External Irrigation
Integral Stopper
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* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

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