DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...
DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...
DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...
DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...
DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...
DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...
DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...
DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low...

DSI-Lock Angulated 30° Low Overdenture Attachment 1-4mm


DSI-Lock Abutment Angulated 30° Kit

1x DSI Lock Abutment One Piece 30° 1-4mm

1x Titanium Housing

- DSI 4 pcs Silicone Caps different retention:  

  • YELLOW extra soft retention 0.6kg
  • PINK Soft retention 1.2kg
  • WHITE standard retention 1.8kg
  • BLACK Lab Processing cap

- DSI 1 pcs Silicone Ring

Collar Height

Quantity Price You Save
5 $99.90 Up to $49.95

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DSI Lock Angulated Attachment combines the simplicity of Ball Attachments, with the variety of retention levels and easy replacement options of Locators.

Gives you the ultimate advantage angle to restore even compromised non-parallel implant cases.

DSI-Lock Angulated is recommended when above 28 degrees of divergence between implants is available, allowing maximal durability of the caps and minimizing the frequency of patient follow-up.

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment is carefully designed to accommodate both edentulous and partially edentulous arches. These attachments together with high-quality silicone inserts, provide the greatest range of angulation correction and least lateral offset, ensuring uncompromised strength, versatility, and simplicity.

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment coming with the mounted key, and do not need to be adjusted with other instruments.

The innovative design of the DSI Lock Angulated Attachment provides superior stability and retention to the prosthesis, and it offers the following features and benefits:

  • Internal hex connection manufactured to be compatible with a major variety of implant brands and platforms like Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, MIS and more.
  • The smallest dimensional implant abutment available on the market.
  • Available in 4 different cuff heights and 2 different angles.
  • Titanium coating procedure increasing the hardness and duration in time.
  • Different elastic retentive caps available.
  • Hygiene-friendly construction.
  • Simple affordability.
  • Much more aesthetic and better look.
  • Up to 33° of the axis thanks to the angle and the retention caps movement

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment considered among the smallest attachment systems on the market with a low vertical profile of 2.1mm and diameter of 4.4mm.

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment can be used in all clinical scenarios that require an implant-supported crown, bridge or complete overdenture, yet their smaller size makes them uniquely suited for tight places or where space is limited. Especially for overdentures, they provide good stability and retention, plus improved aesthetics and reduced residual ridge resorption, with as few as two to four implants, reducing both the trauma and high cost associated with placing more implants.

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment set parts are made to ideally fit with each other. Silicone retention low profile caps are designed specifically for the DSI Lock Angulated Attachment, and Titanium housing designed specifically for silicone low profile caps.

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment features a Titanium coating for maximum resistance to wear, a small-scale metal housing and replaceable silicone caps suitable for different retention levels, and which could be replaced easily within seconds.

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment retention caps are made of highly resilient and flexible silicone material allowing for movement of up to 15 degrees for each side from the axis of the abutment without misalignment or retention loss.

DSI Lock Angulated Attachment made to be the best option for dental professionals with a passion for improving their edentulous patient’s quality-of-life. Offering a complete removable denture solution that gives them comfort, unsurpassed aesthetics, stability, good retention, and long-wear.

Field of use
Regular/Standard Ø3.75-4.2mm
Angulated abutment
Overdenture Lock-Attachment
100 Items


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