Magic Elastic Ligatures Modules Ties...
Magic Elastic Ligatures Modules Ties...
Magic Elastic Ligatures Modules Ties...

Magic Elastic Ligatures Modules Ties For Brackets Pink


Magic Orthodontic Elastic Ligatures Modules Ties For Brackets Pink 1 000pcs Pack

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Part of orthodontic treatment that is exciting for patients are the colors of their ligatures ties.  

Ligature ties come in a variety of colors.  All the colors of the rainbow can be placed on your braces.

An Orthodontic Bracket, that is on the tooth, has a slot and wings. The wire goes through the slot. Then the elastic tie goes over the wire and is secured by the wings of the bracket. The elastic tie holds the wire in place.  

Colored Ligatures ties are very popular with children. Many adults have also chosen these, in order to enhance the image of their brackets. 

Magic orthodontic ligatures ties are made of high-quality material by the latest technology. 

They are made by the same size, weight, and retention, so you can be sure and calm that will all fit as one.

Those ligatures are polished to be much smoother in order to be more resistant for the remains of the food.

Magic ligatures ties are manufactured with polyurethane obtained in a unique controlled process and have non-toxic pigmentation. Efficient levels of memory and have low deformation allows it to keep the perfect alignment in the oral environment.

Magic ligature ties are coated to stay efficient and resist discoloration.

1000 ligature ties per package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Ortho Elastics
Elastic Ligatures
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