Morelli Elastic Ligatures Modules...
Morelli Elastic Ligatures Modules...

Morelli Elastic Ligatures Modules Ties For Brackets Silver


Morelli Aesthetic Tooth Orthodontic Elastic Ligature Modules Silver 1000Pcs Pack

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Morelli Elastomeric ligatures are the quickest, most comfortable way to tie archwires to the bracket slot. 

Elastomeric ligatures come in gray, silver, tooth-colored, clear, and an assortment of bright colors (kids love these!). 

The assorted elastomeric ligatures are used on ceramic brackets and may be placed with Mathieu pliers or fast elastic placement instrument.

To increase efficiency, an assistant can be loading additional positioners to pass to the operator. 

Morelli elastomeric ligatures are manufactured from the highest quality material that ensures excellent tear resistant and memory properties. This way, the outstanding qualities of the material save a great deal of time by allowing fewer dental appointments. 

Morelli elastomeric ligatures are highly resistant to staining and fading, and thus keep the aesthetic appearance for a longer period. 

Colored Morelli elastomeric ligatures are very popular with children. Many adults also choose these, in order to enhance the image of their brackets. 

Morelli elastomeric ligatures are manufactured with polyurethane obtained in a unique controlled precess and have non-toxic pigmentation. They keep efficient levels of memory and low deformation levels allow to keep the perfect alignment in the oral environment. 


  • Safe, non-toxic pigmentation
  • Resistant to fading and staining
  • Excellent memory levels
  • Fewer visits to the dentist
  • Colors popular with children 

1000 ligature ties per package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Ortho Elastics
Elastic Ligatures
99 Items

Pioneer in the manufacture and sales leader in orthodontic products in Brazil, Morelli is a reference in the dental market. Morelli products have transformed millions of smiles in Brazil and in more than 30 countries.

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