Blood Stop Emergency First Aid...
Blood Stop Emergency First Aid...
Blood Stop Emergency First Aid...

Blood Stop Emergency First Aid Silicone Tourniquet 6.5ft


6.5 ft Emergency Bleed Control Silicone Tourniquet - Israel Defence Force First Aid Equipment

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Silicone tourniquets are commonly used in the IDF for emergency bleeding control. In fact, every soldier must have it on him in every moment of time.

Its purpose to prevent severe blood loss due to limb trauma. Such tourniquet is required in any first aid kit. For emergency situations at work, home, hiking and any outdoor activity. 

It stretches and increase pressure around the limb and stops blood flow. 

Easy to use and handle - especially in cases of severe libs damage, when standard CAT tourniquet is almost unusable - it's slipping away from the blood and hard to attach.

Just wrap the band 3 inches above the wound - once loosely, while leaving about 4-5 inches of the free strip at the beginning (will be used to tie to tourniquet).

Keep wrapping the tourniquet around the limb, while stretching it each new wrap. Try to keep the same line and position as a previous wrap to build high pressure on the same area. 

Even if the bleeding stops - keep wrapping to ensure maximum pressure and prevent hemorrhage. 

Dealing each time with combat situations and terroristic activity, IDF has chosen the best option to use - must have in every first aid kit!

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