Dentaurum SUS² Orthodontic Sabbagh...
Dentaurum SUS² Orthodontic Sabbagh...
Dentaurum SUS² Orthodontic Sabbagh...
Dentaurum SUS² Orthodontic Sabbagh...
Dentaurum SUS² Orthodontic Sabbagh...
Dentaurum SUS² Orthodontic Sabbagh...

Dentaurum SUS² Orthodontic Sabbagh Universal Spring


Dentaurum SUS² Dental Orthodontic Sabbagh Universal Spring Universal Application

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Dentaurum SUS² - Sabbagh Universal Spring 

Dentaurum SUS² - Sabbagh Universal Spring is a telescope unit with a spring for universal intermaxillary use. 

It produces constant, mainly horizontal forces when the mouth is closed. 

The SUS2 is gentle on the temporomandibular joints and helps to avoid extractions and dysgnathic operations.

A fixed functional universal appliance that can save time and trouble.

Offers and optimal solution in problem cases, such as:

  • Noncompliant patient. 
  • Late class II
  • TMD therapy
  • Headgear or extraction are contraindicated
  • The appliance is effective 24/7 and not dependent on patient compliance.
  • SUS2 is a combination between the Herbst appliance (as a telescope) and the Jasper Jumper (as a spring)
  • aiming to increase the efficacy of the treatment and to minimize their disadvantages.


  • Extraction and surgery cases
  • Heavy forces to the teeth and TMJ
  • Patient cooperation
  • Treatment time
  • Chair- time
  • Breakage
  • Discomfort
  • Soft tissue impingement
  • Very popular for usage in cases such as:
  • Distal movement of the upper molars
  • Mesial movement of the lower molars
  • Retrusion of the upper incisors
  • Protrusion of the lower incisors
  • Rotation of the occlusion plane in a clockwise direction


  • ventral jumping of the bite for correcting distoclusions (activator effect, Herbst effect)
  • molar distalization (headgear substitute)
  • space closing (aplasia)
  • dentoalveolar compensation of the occlusion (elastics substitute)
  • temporomandibular dysfunction (repositioning effect)
  • unilateral distoclusion / laterognathia

See all the advantages of using the SUS²:

  •  Universal application with only one size that fits all patients - compare to Forsus, in which you need to hold a stock of multiple sizes
  • Main parts are autoclave-able and long lasting
  • Easy handling and installation within only a few minutes
  • Easy and secure attachment to the archwire
  • Improved patient hygiene with corrosion-resistant materials and an internal spring
  • Excellent patient acceptance & comfort with the flexible movement of the lower jaw
  • Gentle and constant forces along with bracket-therapy allow for shorter treatment time (Lesser than 6 months)

Lot is for:

  • 2 x SUS² telescope element
  • 2 x SUS² telescope rod, assembled
  • 2 x SUS² ball retainer clasps
  • 2 x SUS² turbo spring
  • 2 x Herbst TS Spacer rings, crimpable
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