HDI Denu Fluoride Ion Gel 1.23%...

HDI Denu Fluoride Ion Gel 1.23% Thixotrophic Vitamin E 500ml


HDI Denu Fluoride Ion Gel 1.23% Thixotrophic Vitamin E 17oz,500ml Peach/Strawberry/Orange Flavor

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Denu Fluoride gel is a high-concentrated topical agent (1.23% fluoride ion) intended for professional applications in plastic/disposal trays.

The formulations are based on sodium fluoride, acidulated phosphate fluoride. The gel is flavored but contain no abrasive cleaning agents or preservatives.

Denu Fluoride gel therapy has been proven to have a beneficial effect on the prevention of dental caries. Also the gel aids in the repair of microscopic dental decay.

Robust evidence supports the use of fluoride gel, toothpaste and fluoride supplements. It can reduce the risk of dental caries in school-aged children and adolescents.


  • Ionite APF Thixotropic gel vitrifies within 1 minute
  • Contains xylitol and vitamin E
  • Effectivemess varies depending on the biting time of the fluoride gel tray filled with fluoride gel (1 minute 80%, 4 minutes 100% effective)
  • Denu Fluoride Gel does not flow down when the gel is filled in the tray
Field of use
Tooth Surface Cleaning
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