DSI GuttaSoft Gutta Percha Root Canal...
DSI GuttaSoft Gutta Percha Root Canal...

DSI GuttaSoft Gutta Percha Root Canal Filling Solvent Material 10ml


DSI GuttaSoft Liquid, 10 ml

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DSI Guttasoft is a gutta-percha solvent material that is used for the treatment of the root canal and for softening the gutta-percha points in order to guarantee more gentle root canal filling & better isolation.

DSI Guttasoft is also great for eradicating gutta percha at the period of root canal re-treatment. The GuttaSoft does not include chloroform, which makes it completely harmless to the patient.

It is suitable for correction of primary gutta-percha root canal filling procedures while using lateral condensation method.

The DSI Guttasoft solvent material makes softer the surface of the point, though it is better adjusts towards the contour of the root canal. Flawless marginal fit and accurate root canal anatomy regeneration are achieved without the need of an additional heat treatment.


Softens Gutta Percha allowing better canal fill and condensation.
Outstanding radiopacity.
Long life cycle and freshness guaranteed.
Appropriate for vertical and lateral condensation.
Retreatment after root canal filling by gutta-percha concentration.
It is a top-notch disinfectant for endodontic tools similar to K-files or reamers.


Non-hazardous/non-carcinogenic-different from chloroform / trichloroethylene.
Less volatile unlike chloroform/trichloroethylene based materials.
Built on natural ingredients - does not cause any irritation to oral mucosa and periapical tissue.
Vaporization of solvent is less owing to low volatility.

Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
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