Mani K Files Hand Files Root Canal Treatment 21mm


Mani 6 files per box, available in single or assorted sizes.

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10 $10.90 Up to $16.35

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K-Files are used to enlarge canal after debridement with a reamer. These peanut-shaped handles provide the utmost in tactile feel with a positive grip. They enable the dentist to negotiate torturous and curved canals easily and effectively.

These highly flexible instruments resist fracture. They can be adapted to curved root canals, while practically eliminating breakage from binding.

  • K-Files stay sharp and cut efficiently time after time because they are made of the finest stainless steel in the world.
  • These heat-proof plastic handles can be sterilized in an autoclave, dry heat, or chemicals without fear of deformation.
  • K-Files come with a premounted silicone stop.
Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
Stainless Steel
100 Items

Ever since we started manufacturing surgical needles in 1956, we have contributed to society as a medical device manufacturer supplying surgical and dental instruments. Our products, which are safe and high-quality medical devices that satisfy the needs of doctors and patients, have also passed the strict standards of countries overseas.

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