Dentaurum High-pull headgear with...
Dentaurum High-pull headgear with...
Dentaurum High-pull headgear with...

Dentaurum High-pull headgear with safety modules


Dentaurum Dental Orthodontic High - Pull Headgear With Safety Modules 

Module light blue strong to 7.5 N (750 g)

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Dentaurum headgear is conduct orthodontic treatment in cases when intraoral sources are found to be insufficient.

The headgear is most commonly used as the extraoral force generating source.

With Dentaurum high-pull headgear, it is possible to change the direction of the force in relation to the center of resistance of the dental units to which the force is being applied in order to achieve better control of resulting tooth movement in a distal direction. And to modify vertical changes in the maxillary molar position to correct Class II relationships using a relatively lower magnitude of forces.

Dentaurum high-pull headgear comes with instruction, that can suggest and help you to realize the potential of the gear.

The traction modules on the cervical pads and high pull headgear help to prevent accidental dislodging of the face bow. When a pulling force exceeds (approx. 2.5 - 3 kg /5.5 - 6.6 lbs.) the traction modules separate automatically disengaging the face bow, preventing any whip-back. Reassembly is easy for either patient or parent. The traction module released by the clip is simply pushed back into position.

Adapted with 2 safety modules with force of 7.5N (750gr)


Suitable for all head and chin sizes.

The connector line runs between the tip of the chin and temporomandibular joint.

For the early treatment of Angle Class III

With the cross-bite tendency of single or all anterior teeth

Must have in every orthodontic dental practice clinic

Highest quality level, made by legendary Dentaurum, Germany

1 head gear in a package

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