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Surgispon Flexible Surgical Assistant...
Surgispon Flexible Surgical Assistant...
Surgispon Flexible Surgical Assistant...

Surgispon Flexible Surgical Assistant Haemostatic Sponge 1g

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Surgispon Flexible Surgical Assistant Fast Effective Haemostatic 1g

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The hemostatic product in this datasheet is made from Alpha-Gelatin or Pharmaceutical gelatin. 

The FDA has classified it as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and it has been used in over 100 million procedures.

Pharmaceutical gelatin has superior hemostatic capabilities and is totally resorbed, with no residue and no encapsulation. 

A fast working, absorb-able putty derived from pharmaceutical grade gelatin sponge for a wide range of applications. 

It can easily be shaped at the surgical site and inserted into place. 

Absorbing 50 times its own weight, it stops bleeding fast, generally within 2 minutes.

Due to optimal adjust-ability, the putty can be easily shaped or spread on the surgical site and compressed into crevices or on irregular bone surfaces to maximize adherence and stop venous and spongy bone oozing.


Open the sterile container by removing the lid.

Add 5 ml sterile saline or antibiotic solution to every 1 gram of powder.

Knead to the desired form and apply in crevices or on the irregular bone.

Apply the SURGISPON by smearing it on the spongy bone or by inserting, in crevices or on irregular bone surfaces.

Field of use
GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration)
Surgical Procedures
100 Items

Aegis Lifesciences, established in the year 2007 is world’s leading manufacturer of Absorbable Hemostatic Gelatin Sponges with its own brand name SURGISPON® . Within few years it was the most trusted brand in the industry which is backed by International quality standards along with state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility. Aegis Lifesciences has acquired certificates of CE & ISO: 13485 Quality Assurance System from Presafe (DNV GL Nemko Presafe AS, Norway). Aegis facility is made strictly as per revised schedule ‘M’ of Good Manufacturing Practices and certified for the same by Food and Drug Control authorities, India.

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