DSI Hemostatic Gel Blood Stop Wound...
DSI Hemostatic Gel Blood Stop Wound...

DSI Hemostatic Gel Blood Stop Wound Care 3g


DSI Hemostatic Gel

3 g Syringe

5 Applicator Tips

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DSI Hemostatic Gel 25% Aluminium Chloride Stops Bleeding 3g Syringe + 5 Tips

DSI Hemostatic Gel is 25% buffered aluminium chloride thixotropic, non-dripping gel. It stops gingival bleeding during restorative procedures, placement of metal bands, cervical matrix, and crowns preparations. Excellent handling properties make it easy to place for class V composite restorations, cementation and scaling in periodontic cases.

DSI Hemostatic Gel is a patent-pending, triple-action compound of all-natural minerals. Upon contact with blood, it facilitates and accelerates the body's natural coagulation cascade, while simultaneously slowing blood flow, by constricting local vessels and capillaries. DSI Hemostatic Gel quickly penetrates and rapidly absorb plasma at the wound site, leaving behind platelets and blood cells, to aid in forming a solid clot. This triple-action process results in complete clotting in seconds.


Quickly stops minor, moderate or severe bleeding; even in extreme circumstances or challenging conditions
Easy to use
Significantly reduces blood loss
Cannot be overused - no measuring or "dosing" needed
Does not sting, stain, or burn
All-natural and safe
Thixotropic gel- convenient to apply
Non-staining unlike ferric sulfate which leaves stains
Stable and long shelf life
Pleasantly flavored
Does not flow onto surrounding tissue, thanks to the gel consistency

Field of use
Advanced Wound Care
Surgical Procedures
Delivery Type
100 Items


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* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

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