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We at DSI are offering you the most popular implant type for immediate loading on a completely new level of standards.
DSI new generation spiral implants have become better in every way:

Increased insertion speed combined with high initial stability.
Clean surface morphology with unique threads for improved BIC and reducing bone stress.
Universal internal hexagon connection that fits a wide range of prosthetics and restoration parts.
Self-tapping capability.
Micro-grooves on the coronal area to minimize shear stress at the crestal zone.
Two spiral channels stemming from the apex to adjust the implant integrity.
Wider threads for improved bone compression.
Rounded blades on the apical area for preventing damage to the anatomical structures.
Radical SLA surface treatment for excellent biocompatibility and drastically reduced possibility of abruption.
Thanks to great stability of these implants DSI Blue Line Spiral Implants designed with a patented technology especially good for immediate loading in wide variety cases of different bone types.

DSI Blue Line iconic "aggressive" geometric shape includes dual threads, two spiral channels stemming from the apex, micro-grooves on the implant top and a changing thread thickness along the implant. As a result, soft bone is collected and compressed during the implantation creating strong and balanced platform ready for immediate loading.

SLA surface treatment

Proper implant surface is crucial to attaining correct surface roughness.

Highest surface purity levels help to achieve optimal osseointegration, increase the success rate of Bone to Implant Contact (BIC), increase the healing process and growth tissue around the implant while eliminating possibilities of post-surgery infections.

Surface technology:

SLA - Sandblasted with Long grit corundum followed by Acid etching with

Sulfuric and Hydrochloric acid, which are both made of cold worked titanium.

SLA surface demonstrates incredible biocompatibility, excellent mechanical strength as well as osseointegration properties.

Technical Info:

Name: DSI Spiral Implant "Blue Line New Generation"

The cover screw is integrated into the top of the implant key.

Compatible with: Alpha Bio, Zimmer, Mis, Adin, AB Dental, Bio Horizons, Implant

Direct etc'

System: Internal Hex - 2.42 mm


3.3mm / 3.5mm / 3.75mm / 4.2 mm / 5.0mm / 6.0mm


6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 11.5mm / 13mm / 16mm

Material: Titanium TI-6AL-4V ELI Grade 5 Alloy with anodized internal hex


Surface Treatment: Radical SLA technology.

Sterilization: Gamma Irradiation, Sterile Double tube.

Certification: ISO 9001:2008 Medical ISO 13458:2003 , CE

Country of Manufacture: Israel

Field of use
Regular/Standard Ø3.75-4.2mm
Implant Type
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