HDI Denu Smart Cord Gingival Knitted...

HDI Denu Smart Cord Gingival Knitted Retraction Cord


HDI Denu Smart Cord Gingival Knitted Retraction Cord

Cord Size
  • 00 - Extra Fine
  • 0 - Fine
  • 1 - Medium

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Smartcord is a knitted type retraction cord absorbency and expansion than the braided or twisted types.

  • * Made with 100% cotton, which is safe and makes moisture control effective without gingival irritation.
  • * Dyed with hydrophilic dye without fluorescent whitening agents, which makes it safe to use without any side effects.
  • * GingiCord Extended Length : Over 20% Longer than other brands : 120 inch, 305cm
  • * Bobbin inside visible via transparent window - easy to check how much cord is left
  • * EasyCut system - with the cutting blade inserted on the cap - fast, safe and hygienic
  • * Ruler printed on the case - let you measure the required length - simply and accurate

Available on following sizes:

  • Smartcord 00 (Extra-fine) brown/yellow 305cm(120inch)
  • Smartcord 0 (Fine) purple/lavender 305cm(120inch)
  • Smartcord 1 (Regular) blue/light-blue 305cm(120inch)
Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Retraction Cord
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