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ANIOS Disinfecting Spray for Autoclaves and Other Equipment 750ml


Anios TS Inox Disinfecting Spray for Autoclaves and Other Equipment 750ml

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Ideal for sanitizing and maintaining your autoclaves, sinks, pedestal tables, beds, stainless steel tool trays...

Cleaning and disinfection of stainless steel surfaces.

COMPOSITION: didecyldimethylammonium chloride (CAS No. 7173-51-5 1.1 mg / g), excipients.

USE: Product ready for professional use. Applying to surfaces to be cleaned. Leave on. Scrub and rinse if necessary.


Ready-to-use bactericide in 5 min, 20 ° C (EN 13727, EN 1276, EN 13697),

 Fungicide 5 min, 20 ° C (EN 13624, EN 13697), 

Active on HIV-1, rotavirus, BVDV (model virus HCV) and PRV (model virus HBV) in 5 min, 20 ° C.

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The people from Laboratoires ANIOS have been fighting microbes for over a century.

This fight requires full control over all the parameters of Disinfection, Antisepsis, and Detergency, as well as continuous innovation ...

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