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Morelli Orthodontic Force Gauge Tension Intra Extra Oral Elastics


Morelli Orthodontic Tensiometer 25gr - 250gr Blue Color / 50gr - 500gr Green Color / 100gr - 1600gr Red Color

  • 25gr - 250gr
  • 50gr - 500gr
  • 100gr - 1600gr

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Morelli Orthodontic Tension Meter Force Gauge For Intra/Extra Oral Elastics

Morelli Tensiometer: 

Tension meter or a force tension gauge is a tool that is used as a definer of a tension acquired by the orthodontics elastics (intraoral and extraoral).

The Intra/extra oral elastics need to be strongly tensile in order to work properly and give maximum results.

The tensiometer gives you a correct corresponding force that engaged by the elastics and you can make a decision if it is enough or the elastic should be removed and changed to a new one/stronger one.

The Morelli tensiometer is made of high-quality stainless steel and is designed and checked with the high precision. 

When the tool made it is been checked in the laboratory for the next 24 hours for any defects.

The gauge itself is a greatly precise instrument that follows up the calibration protocol with a wide range of procedures that defines if the tool is ready or not. 

Calibration processes are very dedicated and responsible process and no tensiometer proceeds to the market till it is perfectly calibrated, a maximum error that is allowed is when it is less than 1 micrograms. 

Official calibration validity document comes with each tensiometer.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel 
  • Checked in the laboratory before released to the market
  • Calibrated till it is perfectly balanced

1 tension meter per package

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