Orthoclassic Orthodontic Quick Turn...
Orthoclassic Orthodontic Quick Turn...
Orthoclassic Orthodontic Quick Turn...
Orthoclassic Orthodontic Quick Turn...
Orthoclassic Orthodontic Quick Turn...

Orthoclassic Orthodontic Quick Turn Tool T1 For Brackets


Orthoclassic Orthodontic Orthoclassic Quick Turn Tool T1 1pcs

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Orthoclassic Orthodontic T1 Tool For T1 and T-Clear Bracket System

Made in U.S.A

It is not enough for your orthodontic instruments to only be a reliable tool, but an extension of the expertise and quality treatment you give your patients. These beautiful, high-quality American-forged instruments are made with corrosion resistant steel and tested beyond industry standards.

Orthoclassic Quick-Turn Tool provides swift accuracy in opening the bracket doors for the T1 and T-Clear brackets. This tool engages and rotates like a screwdriver. The new design more quickly and accurately while distributing the force on the pivoting axis, making opening and closing ever easier than before.

Ergonomic design provides a consistent feel of the instrument. 

Nonslip grip premium quality handle.

Polished to high standard finish.

Manufactured from high-quality medical grade Stainless steel.

A high degree of precision and flexibility while conducting the clinical procedure.

A high degree of aesthetic and corrosion resistance.

Durable construction, made of the finest surgical stainless steel and adjusted by the best accuracy CNC machines.

Precise tolerances for accurate control at all times.

High corrosion resistance.

Easy instrument care - all standard sterilization procedures are applicable

Lot is for 1 quick-turn tool

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