ContacEZ IPR Interproximal Reduction...
ContacEZ IPR Interproximal Reduction...
ContacEZ IPR Interproximal Reduction...

ContacEZ IPR Interproximal Reduction Orthodontics Widener Purple


Dental ContacEZ Restorative Orthodontic IPR Interproximal Reduction 8pcs Purple

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ContacEZ IPR System 8 Purple 0.25 mm Double-Sided Widener

Strip Thickness: 0.25mm Strip Width: 4mm Diamond Coating: Double-Sided Diamond Grit: Coarse Serration: None

The ContacEZ IPR Strip System is an innovative, precision dental strip system designed to achieve ideal proximal contact adjustment and complete marginal seating of crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, and proximal contouring of composite fillings accurately with minimal time and effort.

ContacEZ IPR Strip System makes interproximal enamel stripping safe and accurate without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges. Designed for use with orthodontic treatments, these flexible strips curve and conform to the natural contours of the teeth to maximize patient comfort and safety.


  • Ergonomic single-handed design
  • Provides optimal tactile control
  • Will not remove excessive enamel
  • Prevent sharp corners or subgingival ledges
  • Effective for anterior and posterior areas
  • Central opening for maximum visual perception
  • Saves chair-time
  • Will not cut lips or gums
  • Autoclavable & Reusable  

8 Purple 0.25 mm Double-Sided Widener in a package

Field of use
IPR InterProximalReduction
Diamond Coating
IPR (Interproximal Reduction)
Double Sided
100 Items

ContacEZ is a leading manufacturer of innovative products that provide solutions to common problems faced by dental practitioners and ensure excellent patient care. 

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