Dentaurum Orthocryl Clear Orthodontic...
Dentaurum Orthocryl Clear Orthodontic...
Dentaurum Orthocryl Clear Orthodontic...

Dentaurum Orthocryl Clear Orthodontic Polymer Acrylic Resin 1kg


Dentaurum Orthocryl Powder - Clear Orthodontic Polymer Acrylic Resin 1kg

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Dentaurum Orthocryl® Powder (polymer)

World-best cold curing acrylic resin permitting the simple and economical fabrication of orthodontic appliances. PMMA-based. 

Especially suited for the salt-and-pepper technique.

Also, very suitable for the dough technique.

High stability

Easy processing

The combination of the special mix of particle sizes of the powder components and the specially matched liquid monomer makes for extraordinary stability. This has been repeatedly proven in various tests, especially in comparison with competitor products. For the user, it means faster and more effective processing.

Lot is for 1kg jar of clear Orthocryl self-curing acrylic resin powder

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