Dentaurum Orthocryl Orthodontic Clear...
Dentaurum Orthocryl Orthodontic Clear...
Dentaurum Orthocryl Orthodontic Clear...

Dentaurum Orthocryl Orthodontic Clear Acryl Liquid 1000ml


Dentaurum Orthodontic Orthocryl Clear Acryl Resin Liquid 1000ml Clear

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Dentaurum Orthocryl Clear Shade Liquid Cold Cure 1000ml

Dentaurum Orthocryl-Powder (polymer)is made for producing orthodontic appliances. Easy processing, using both the doughing and the salt-and pepper techniques in conjunction with the clear Orthocryl-Liquid (monomer). 

Cold cured acrylic resin permits the simple and economical fabrication of orthodontic appliances.


  • No health hazards, no protective measures required.
  • Free of methyl methacrylate and dibenzoyl peroxide, extremely well tolerated, also suitable for people with allergies.
  • No odor nuisance.
  • Accurate application & modeling Polymerization starts whenever you want it, no time pressure during processing.
  • Short polymerization time, fast and efficient work.
  • Easy finishing and polishing.
  • Low shrinkage, perfect fit.
  • No hazardous substance, easy handling and storage.

1 bottle of 1000ml of orthocryl

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