KORMED Universal Supermat Automatrix...

KORMED Universal Supermat Automatrix Transparent Bands


KORMED Transparent Bands Retainerless Slatch Universal Supermat Automatrix 

Set includes: 32pcs transparent matrices in 8 forms for molars and premolars

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Matrix "EXTRA" is ideal for macro restorations in posterior teeth, to act as the distal wall in the absence of adjacent teeth, to restore the distal and medial contact simultaneously with modern composite materials.

It's an anatomically contoured finest thin ring matrix. Translucent matrix having a thickness of 0.06 mm, metal - only 0.035 mm.

Ideal tension and a snug fit to the walls of the tooth is achieved at the time of the matrix on the tooth, moving the universal plastic lock to full fit to the tooth.

The matrix EXTRA tightly covers the tooth.

Move of the plastic latch on the matrix Extra is performed by well-known and commonly available universal Tofflemire tool or simple dental forceps.

And with minimal skill you can do it without tools. After the installation the ends of the matrix could be removed if desired.

The matrix retainer will tightly holds the tooth. Translucent matrix "EXTRA" very well go under the gum, conveniently and securely fixed with a movable plastic retainer that does not interfere with the work of not only a dentist, but also does not cause discomfort to the patient. Improved visibility for the dentist and increased patient comfort are guaranteed.

Lack of effect of the lever, and no additional non-uniform tension.

Optimum contact and closure are achieved.

Multiple advantages

1. Matrix "EXTRA" is very easy to install on any teeth even by novice dentist and do not require installation of an inconvenient and expensive tool like the «SuperMat» key, which is in continuous use periodically breaks down and needs to be replaced (every couple of years).

2. Matrix "EXTRA" does not require the purchase of replacement cartridges

3. Matrix "EXTRA" can be easier sterilized. And last, but not the least- the matrix of "EXTRA" are twice as cheaper than Denstply or Kerr analogs Highly innovative matrix with a movable locking latch by Kormed-R will help you to achieve excellent results, saving both time and money.

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Company Kormed-P exists in the Russian market for more than 10 years. The main activity of the company is the production of consumable dental materials: matrix systems, grinding wheels, related accessories, as well as preventive and aesthetic means for therapy.

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