KORMED Contoured Matrices Movable...
KORMED Contoured Matrices Movable...
KORMED Contoured Matrices Movable...
KORMED Contoured Matrices Movable...

KORMED Contoured Matrices Movable Fixation Molars Premolars


KORMED Contoured Matrices Movable Fixation For Molars Premolars

Set includes 20pcs: 

5 x 38.01M metal matrices

5 x 38.11M metal matrices

5 x 38.01 transparent matrices

5 x 38.11 transparent matrices

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20 Contoured Matrices With Movable Fixators For Molars And Premolars

These matrices are an ideal solution for macro restorations in the area of chewing teeth. They are perfect for solving the problem with the distal wall in the absence of adjacent teeth. With the help of the fixator, the matrix can be installed extremely tight.

The matrices do not cause patients any discomfort or interfere with the work of the dentist. They were specifically designed to adapt to the anatomy of the teeth. They also provide perfect approximate form and contact. The matrices ensure fast and easy application.

The matrices are made of the highest quality materials that suit all modern dentistry standards. The transparent matrices are 0,06 mm thick and the metal ones are 0.035 mm thick.


Precise and comfortable tensioning system.

Less tensioning force, allowing restoration of several teeth at the same time.

The metal matrices have good anatomical shape and the transparent ones do not interfere with light curing.

Minimal finishing work required, allowing you to save time.

Instructions for use:

1. Install the matrix on the tooth. The movable fixator can be tightened by hand or with the help of a tweezer.

2. The matrix can also be tightened by an angled tweezer.

3. When the matrix is adjusted enough the ends of the matrix can be cut.

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Company Kormed-P exists in the Russian market for more than 10 years. The main activity of the company is the production of consumable dental materials: matrix systems, grinding wheels, related accessories, as well as preventive and aesthetic means for therapy.

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