DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine...
DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine...
DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine...
DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine...
DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine...
DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine...
DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine...

DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen Bovine Barrier Membrane


DSI Zenoss Bovine Absorbable Collagen Membrane Barrier 15x15mm/25x25mm/30x40mm


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DSI Zenoss Bovine Origin type I Membrane

DSI Zenoss Membrane offers a cell-occlusive, stabilizing matrix that promotes healing by harnessing the body’s natural tendency to regrow vascular connective tissue. An easy to use, cohesive and quick-rehydrating collagen membrane that protects the healing environment over a slow absorption that lasts between four and six months.

DSI Zenoss Membrane is Flexible, sterile and easy to use. The material itself is flexible and nonslippery when wet, giving oral surgeons precise control for placement during the procedure. DSI Zenoss Membranes, are made from highly purified Type I bovine tendon collagen and 100% sterile.

DSI Zenoss Membrane results in a unique combination of biocompatibility, extended barrier function, membrane integrity (for suturing or tacking), handling options, and complete resorbability. All the desired properties of an effective barrier membrane for GBR and GTR procedures of all kinds.

DSI Zenoss Membrane is made of a bovine material that provides a long-lasting, conformable barrier that is strong enough to meet most clinical needs and supple enough to adapt to challenging graft contours.

Clinically proven outstanding performance in guided bone and tissue regeneration procedures.

Shown to provide a stable, long-lasting barrier during healing and integration of Allografts, Xenografts, and staged or immediately placed implants. Supports an aesthetic soft tissue response, through the facilitation of cell attachment and proliferation and remodeling into vascularized, connective tissue.

Can be used for:

    Implantation of defects in the bone tissue
    Restoration of congenital and acquired defects of bone and soft tissues
    Cystectomy Periodontitis (minimally invasive methods of treatment and reconstructive surgery)
    Resection of the root apex
    Filling of defects after the removal of cysts
    Closure of perforations of the maxillary sinus and perforation of the lower-jaw canal removal of the tooth (complicated/uncomplicated)
    As a stabilizer of the clot

DSI bovine material is sterilized by the manufacturer and contains no cellular elements. This eliminates the risk of any disease or unfortunate contamination!

Can be used in any surgical or dentine procedure.

Tissue regeneration:
Collagen scaffolds are used in dentistry for tissue regeneration. Collagen has the correct properties for tissue regeneration such as pore structure, permeability, hydrophilicity and it is stable in vivo. Collagen scaffolds are also ideal for the deposition of cells, such as osteoblasts and fibroblasts and once inserted, the growth of the cells is able to continue by their normal pace in the tissue.

Reconstructive surgical uses:
DSI Zenoss Collagen is widely employed in the dental construction of the artificial bone substitutes used in the management of severe trauma, surgical interfere, teeth extraction.These collagens may be derived from bovine and have an exceptional growth factor.

Wound care:
DSI Zenoss Resorbable Collagen is one of the body’s key natural resources and a component of tissue that can benefit all stages of the wound healing process. Wound deterioration, followed sometimes by procedures such as teeth extraction and gingiva removal, can simply be avoided and healed instead.

DSI Zenoss Collagen is a natural product, therefore it is used as a natural wound dressing and has properties that artificial wound dressings do not have. It is resistant to a large variety of bacteria, which is of vital importance in a wound dressing. It helps to keep the wound sterile, because of its natural ability to fight infection.

Field of use
GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration)
Sinus Lifting
Surgical Procedures
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