DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...
DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...
DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...
DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...
DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...
DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...
DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...
DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced...

DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced Membrane PTFE


DSI Surgical Titanium Reinforced Membrane PTFE 20x25mm/25x30mm


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DSI presents the most sophisticated GBR solution Titanium Reinforced PTFE non-resorbable membrane. These membranes are made of high-density polytetrafluoroethylene, additionally reinforced with titanium nano-thread (PTFE), non-absorbable and micro-perforated. They represent one of the most effective solutions for GBR (guided bone regeneration), especially for the stabilization and protection of graft material in a bone defect and maintains its structural integrity during implantation and over a long period of time.

DSI Titanium-reinforced membranes provide clinicians with the predictability they are accustomed to. Along with the added benefit of a titanium frame to maintain space during guided bone regeneration. These membranes are also popular for adding structural support when grafting 3 or 4-walled extraction sites.

DSI Ti-Reinforced PTFE Membrane guarantees perfect biocompatibility and tolerance. They are easy to apply on a defect site because they can easily be contoured, shaped and cut, to perfectly adapt them to the defect area with the finished edges in contact with the residual healthy bone ridge on which the membrane is stabilized.

Due to its small pore size, the membrane acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration, and may, therefore, be left in place for open healing in certain clinical indications. Due to minimal tissue ingrowth can easily be removed after the desired healing time with a pair of tweezers.

DSI Ti-Reinforced PTFE Membrane is non-absorbable and can be left on the site even for extended periods.

DSI Ti-Reinforced PTFE Membrane exactly defines the area that needs to be regenerated and serve for containment of graft materials. Its micro-perforated structure permits the passage of body fluids, ensuring maintenance over time between slot and flap.

DSI Ti-Reinforced PTFE membrane made of Micro-Pore PTFE and Titanium Preventing growth of bacteria while being facilitating cellular adhesion to the surface and plasma protein absorption upon implantation.


  • Easy to handle and make the shape for tenting & space maintenance
  • Can be fixed with Fixing screw, Bone screw, Bone Tack and Fixture
  • Engineered to withstand exposure
  • Micro-Poree PTFE prevents migration of bacteria into the wound Increased surface stability of membrane for better application
  • Membranes can be trimmed to the desired shape
  • Titanium frame memory for easy placement and customizing 100% synthetic
  • PTFE barrier membrane Impervious to bacteria due to the dense structure
  • Easily removable due to minimal tissue ingrowth into the surface structure
  • No need for primary soft tissue closure
  • Supports space maintenance (as compared to collagen membranes)
  • Rounded edges for minimal tissue trauma
Field of use
GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration)
Surgical Procedures
PTFE Reinforced Membrane
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