Feguramed Fit Check Paste Paint...
Feguramed Fit Check Paste Paint...
Feguramed Fit Check Paste Paint...
Feguramed Fit Check Paste Paint...

Feguramed Fit Check Paste Paint Marking Brush 1.5g


Feguramed Lab Fit Check Paste Prosthetic Model Paint Marking Brush 1.5g

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Producing prosthetic work is a costly process prone to a great deal of error.

This is why assessment of the quality of such work should not be confined to purely functional and aesthetic aspects, but should also include the economic viability of the production process. 

Simple but sensibly incorporated in-process controls will promptly identify faults in preparation and prevent unnecessary time-consuming and expensive corrections to prosthetic work.

By using the fit check you can recognize the causes of misfits with single crowns, inlays or onlays long before insertion. Pressure points under complete or partial dentures can be identified and excessive occlusion or open margins between tooth and crown prevented.


  • Practical brush dispenser.
  • Effective and useful product.
  • Perfect for inspection of fit accuracy.
  • Easy to use and to withdraw.
  • Helps to avoid errors in prosthetic work.
  • Saves precious time and materials.

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Whether it is about the exact casting of dental alloys or about the accurate impression / duplication of dental situations or even the uncomplicated polishing or dental materials:

Feguramed has been helping dental technicians with their daily work for over three decades - with robust consumables suitable for everyday use:

Investments for partial dentures, crowns and bridges and pressed ceramics

Dental silicone: Duplicating silicone, kneading silicones and cartridge silicones

Dental alloys based on cobalt chromium and precious metals

Polishes for dental alloys, ceramics, denture plastics, etc.

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