Nobilium Safe Cold Dip Refractory...

Nobilium Safe Cold Dip Refractory Model Frame Works 500ml


Nobilium Safe-Dip - a cold dip for refractory models 17oz (500ml)

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Nobilium Safe-Dip Refractory Model is a cold-dip solution that produces hard accurate models for waxing partial frameworks. 

Increase firmness, strength, and durability of your models with no dimensional change. 

It eliminates the rough and dusty surface of the refractory models to allow better adhesion of the wax patterns. Apply wax patterns with confidence and ease. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, no smell. Simple and easy to use. 


  •     Used cold, saves time and labor.
  •     Increased accuracy in obtaining closer fitting prosthetics.
  •     Hardens models.
  •     Makes waxing easier.
  •     Eliminates chipping when trimming wax.
  •     Use on any refractory investment.
  •     Eco-friendly cold dip.
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