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DSI Orthodontic Implant Mini Screw...
DSI Orthodontic Implant Mini Screw...
DSI Orthodontic Implant Mini Screw...
DSI Orthodontic Implant Mini Screw...
DSI Orthodontic Implant Mini Screw...
DSI Orthodontic Implant Mini Screw...

DSI Orthodontic Implant Mini Screw TAD With Bracket Head


DSI Miniscrew Anchorage: Each mini implant screw arrives in an X-ray sterilized packed individual blister. 

1 Mini Screw in a pack

Blade Length/Transmucosal Margin

  • 6.0mm/1.0mm,1.5mm
  • 8.0mm/1.0mm,1.5mm
Screw Length/Transmucosal Margin

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DSI Miniscrew is an efficient way to align teeth and correct malocclusions.

Unplanned or unwanted tooth movement can have dire consequences, and therefore using an anchorage screw is a wise decision in many cases. 

The 1.5mm thread diameter permits placement in narrow inter-radicular spaces without sacrificing strength.
Bracket head design offers the advantage of the three-dimensional control and allows the screw to be consolidated with a tooth to serve as indirect anchorage.

  • Recommended for maxillary & mandibular attached gingiva

DSI TAD system provides efficient and flexible biomechanics. It significantly enhances treatment capabilities and can be extremely effective in reducing treatment time, surgeries, and extractions. Appliances can be inserted chairside and loaded immediately.

DSI Miniscrew control is essential for successful orthodontic treatment especially when it is a severe or even critical situation when the "conventional methods" are completely useless. 

DSI Minicrew gives you the option of non-surgical operation and minimum invasive solution.

The DSI Miniscrew are in direct contact with bone, do not possess a periodontal ligament. As a result, they do not move when orthodontic/orthopedic force is applied, and therefore can be used as "absolute anchorage". When the DSI Miniscrew is used as an anchorage, the movements of the anchoring units will improve the patient's situation by moving the teeth from the unwanted position, and get them back toward their natural position. Full control moving,  no damage, or unwanted movement in other teeth at all.

Also because the Miniscrew implants are small, they serve as bone anchors which can be used for direct forces in tight spaces. Mini-implants offer easy insertion, straight forward mechanics, as well as versatility. When treatment is done, the mini-implants are removed.

Every DSI Miniscrew is coming in an individual sterile package and is ready to use straight forward.


  • Self-tapping for simple and drill-free insertion 
  • Made of Eli Grade 23 Titanium – a fully biocompatible material 
  • Unique dimensions allow for insertion in various locations 
  • Simple and convenient anchorage 
  • Has a hexagonal head for safe insertion 
  • Chairside insertion/removal
  • Sterile double pack.
  • No pilot hole, tissue punch, incision, or flap necessary
  • Low profile - comfortable for the patient
  • Eliminates patient compliance issues
Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
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