Morelli Mini Screw Hexagonal Key Long
Morelli Mini Screw Hexagonal Key Long
Morelli Mini Screw Hexagonal Key Long
Morelli Mini Screw Hexagonal Key Long
Morelli Mini Screw Hexagonal Key Long

Morelli Mini Screw Hexagonal Key Long


Morelli Implant Mini Screw Orthodontic Hexagonal Long Stem Key Tool 1pcs

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Is an important factor in orthodontics and must be properly managed for a successful treatment outcome.

Orthodontists have historically used many devices to prevent unwanted tooth movement.

The use of miniscrews as a source of skeletal anchorage has become routine in present-day orthodontic practice.

Skeletal anchorage opens up alternative treatments, to borderline surgery patients for example, who can now be treated by taking advantage of the biomechanical properties of miniscrews.

Because they are bone-borne and provide excellent control over tooth movement.

Anchorage control in orthodontic treatment is an important factor in determining treatment outcome. Orthodontic therapy has traditionally used the teeth and extraoral and/or intermaxillary appliances to guard against loss of Anchorage.

Miniscrews were introduced as absolute anchorage devices in orthodontic treatment because the procedures for placing and removing are less invasive than for other implants and they do not require patient cooperation.

The miniscrew is anchored in the bone and then removed after completion of orthodontic tooth movement.

Excellent treatment results have been reported using miniscrews for orthodontic anchorage in different types of malocclusion, since they provide stable anchorage for different tooth movements, including intrusion, extrusion, distalization, protraction, midline coordination and changes in the occlusal plane.

A judicious combination of these factors can provide excellent results in the treatment of malocclusions, by increasing anchorage, and moving and controlling the teeth and dentoalveolar process in all three planes of space.

Hexagonal Key - Long Stem:

  • Used to facilitate entry into the marking gum and bone to be drilled by Miniscrew.

Pack of 1 key

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Stainless Steel
100 Items

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