Transparent Dental Implant Disease...

Transparent Dental Implant Disease Teeth Model


Transparent Dental Implant Disease Teeth Model

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Beautiful transparent models designed with removable teeth; facile to take down and set up, allows full visibility to cavities, implants, and nerves. This is an ideal implant-model for an easy demonstration to patients of dental surgical and non-surgical procedures.

  • Vinmax Dental implant model [Blue color] for dentists' teaching-demonstrations for patients or for college educational purposes.
  • Display a variety of dental diseases, including dental caries, shaped defects, fusion roots, periapical cysts, crown fracture, impacted teeth, retained deciduous teeth, etc.
  • This pathological teeth model is composed of maxillary teeth and mandibular teeth, it's transparent, easy to know of the type and structure of adult teeth.
  •  Explains the importance of Insertion of the Implant for Correct Prosthetic Reconstruction on Implant to avoid compromising of adjacent Teeth.
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