Rhein83 OT Strategy Cap Attachment...

Rhein83 OT Strategy Cap Attachment Standard Retention 1300gr


RHEIN83 OT Strategy Attachment Clear Silicone Inserts Cap Standard Retention

Clear - standard retention 1300g/2.87Lb

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OT Strategy is known as a precision attachment and it is important to mount the spheres in parallel. It will determine the greatest extent of the correct function of the unit. 

OT Strategy attachments are unique (patented) and have no similarity or analog on the market.

Only OT Strategy can give parallel support under the sphere that automatically aligns the retentive caps, and that is a very important factor for the insertion of the prosthesis. It will determine the duration of the caps and prevent the risk of wear to the spheres. 

The reduced dimensions of OT Strategy attachments permit them to be applied in very small areas making them perfect for removable prostheses.

OT Strategy is a vertical micro-sized 1.8 mm castable sphere that is placed distally on abutments for removable partials or utilized with an implant bar combination case design. The male component is designed with an additional support strut located under the sphere, increasing strength and preventing rotation of the female cap during paralleling. 

OT Strategy caps are available for both duplication and fabrication with the stainless-steel housing technique. Rhein83 caps are manufactured from a special elastic material that increases the contact zone with the sphere, giving mechanical and friction retention.

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Rhein’83 has been in business since 1983 and today these products have been copied throughout the entire world, copies that in many cases reflect the forms of the objects but not the materials they are made from, and therefore it significantly changes the functional result

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