RHEIN83 OT Bar Multiuse Overdenture...
RHEIN83 OT Bar Multiuse Overdenture...

RHEIN83 OT Bar Multiuse Overdenture Restoration Attachment Set


RHEIN83 OT Bar Multiuse Overdenture Restoration Attachment Set

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OT Bar Multiuse is a castable dual sided overdenture bar attachment measuring 2.4 mm in height, which can be indicated as either a rigid or resilient connector between implant abutments. 

In cases where resilience is required,  the bar is mounted on the flat side facing up. 

In cases where prosthesis with rigid characteristics is needed, the bar is placed with the rounded side facing up. 

When it is used as a connecting bar, like between the two canines in the incisor zone, there is no difference which of the two sides is used up or down. 

With the use of the system’s unique castable box housings, the substructure frame is fabricated directly on the master model saving time and eliminating the need for the duplication process.

This is original Rhein83 set and all the pieces are made of the highest quality materials. 

Rhein83 is one of the leading manufacturers in the world nowadays.


Kit contains:

    2 Castable bars

    4 Positioner clips A

    4 Positioner clips B

    4 Castable boxes

    4 Retentive red clips

    4 Retentive pink clips

    4 Retentive yellow clips

    2 Connectors

    1 Castable connector

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Rhein’83 has been in business since 1983 and today these products have been copied throughout the entire world, copies that in many cases reflect the forms of the objects but not the materials they are made from, and therefore it significantly changes the functional result

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