RHEIN83 OT Box Micro Castable...
RHEIN83 OT Box Micro Castable...

RHEIN83 OT Box Micro Castable Overdenture Attachment Kit


RHEIN83 OT Box Micro Castable Overdenture Attachment Kit

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With Rhein83 OT Box the Prosthesis made entirely from resin with overdenture attachments.

A cast reinforcement solid structure guarantees that the prostheses will not break. With the OT Box bar, the reinforcement of the cast is created directly on to the master model without duplicating it.

The system is easy to use and gives the ability to every laboratory to be able to cast, even without any special equipment.

The cast reinforcement is fully complete with the container for the retention caps.

Any type of alloy may be used for the casting.

The optimal result of the retention caps occurs in the metal housing (either cast or prefabricated) that are constructed with a tolerance.

Also calculated to permit the perimeter of the cap to give the ability to pivot thanks to the elastic characteristics of the material.

This is original Rhein83 set and all the pieces are made of the highest quality materials. 

Rhein83 is one of the leading manufacturers in the world nowadays.


Kit contains:

4 Connectors

4 OT Box Special Bars (2 double bars)

4 Positioner micro size

Inserts & Caps
Castable Attachments
100 Items

Rhein’83 has been in business since 1983 and today these products have been copied throughout the entire world, copies that in many cases reflect the forms of the objects but not the materials they are made from, and therefore it significantly changes the functional result

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