RHEIN83 OT Mono Cap Micro Castable...
RHEIN83 OT Mono Cap Micro Castable...

RHEIN83 OT Mono Cap Micro Castable Spherical Attachment


RHEIN83 OT Mono Cap Micro Castable Spherical Attachment

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The extra-coronal OT Cap castable attachments are used in combination with prostheses, frames and connecting bars on natural teeth, roots or implants, with or without the mill.

Can be used as Cantilever for bar splints on prosthetic arches, for immediate loading.

OT Cap & Mono shows great results in treatment that requires a rigid structure with milling and counter attachments and work as a stabilizing retentive coupling. 

The OT Cap & Mono system is also used in resilient prosthesis without milling and they serve as a shock absorber due to the flattened head of the sphere and the relative elastic caps. In addition, it is possible to control the seal by applying the most preferred retentive cap for the seal desired.

This is original Rhein83 set and all the pieces are made of the highest quality materials. 

Rhein83 is one of the leading manufacturers in the world nowadays.


Kit contains:

2 Castable Pre-Sectioned Bars - 1 straight, 1 beveled

4 White Retentive Caps - standard retention

4 Castable Mono OT Box

4 Plastic Positioners

Inserts & Caps
Castable Attachments
100 Items

Rhein’83 has been in business since 1983 and today these products have been copied throughout the entire world, copies that in many cases reflect the forms of the objects but not the materials they are made from, and therefore it significantly changes the functional result

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