RHEIN83 OT Unilateral Castable...
RHEIN83 OT Unilateral Castable...

RHEIN83 OT Unilateral Castable Attachment Kit


RHEIN83 OT Unilateral Castable Attachment Kit

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Rhein 83 OT Unilateral Castable Attachment System Horizontal/Vertical 8 Pieces Set  

OT Unilateral is a valid free saddle attachment system for unilateral prosthetic solutions.

Made especially to ease the work for the technician and give an exceptional aesthetic result in short time. 

OT Unilateral is very friendly and comfortable for the patients, who will be granted a secure steady fix prosthetic solution.

OT Unilateral combines structures and retentive caps with horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Such an approach to the prostheses is perfectly adhered to the gingival tissues and deliver outstanding stability. Especially when loaded by masticatory powers which increases the restoration compression over tissues, avoiding stress and traumas on the main abutments.

OT Unilateral castable attachment system is specifically intended for unilateral, bilateral or implant bar applications without additional support from milled bracing arms. OT Unilateral’s exclusive design features a two-in-one combination of 1.8 mm horizontal and vertical spheres utilizing OT Cap and OT Strategy micro size female caps. The male section of the attachment is engineered with a vertical strut which extends through the base of the attachment giving exceptional lateral stability and distal support to the prosthesis. The Uni-Box female component is a one-piece castable housing that covers the entire male section, adding superior strength to the acrylic. Male and female components are invested and cast in a single ring, saving time and material costs.

This is original Rhein83 set and all the pieces are made of the highest quality materials. 

Rhein83 is one of the leading manufacturers in the world nowadays.


Kit contains:

1 OT Unilateral castable attachment

1 Uni-box castable

1 Plastic positioner - micro size

1 Pink Cap - micro size

1 Strategy yellow cap - for duplication technique

1 Black cap - micro size - for laboratory use

1 Strategy black cap - for laboratory use

1 Connector

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Castable Attachments
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Rhein’83 has been in business since 1983 and today these products have been copied throughout the entire world, copies that in many cases reflect the forms of the objects but not the materials they are made from, and therefore it significantly changes the functional result

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