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Rhein83 OT Cap Normal 2.5mm Castable...

Rhein83 OT Cap Normal 2.5mm Castable Spherical Attachment


Rhein83 OT Cap Normal 2.5mm Castable Spherical Attachment Beveled Bar

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OT Cap is a resilient distal extension attachment that is intended to be used with removable partial dentures and combined prostheses.

OT Cap perfectly serves for treatment plans that require a rigid substructure with milling and adequate counter attachments. OT Cap functions as a stabilizing retentive connector.

In resilient prosthesis without milling, OT Cap provides a “Cushion Effect” similar to a shock absorber. This is achieved by the design of the sphere in conjunction with the elastic retentive caps.

OT Cap Castable Spherical Attachment Presectioned Beveled Bar is an original part of Rhein 83 OT Cap Normal Size Kit “Economic” which is made of the highest quality materials.

Thanks to OT Cap, it is possible to make stable and strong quality dentures with time and cost savings.

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