Evolon D Cleaner Orthodontic...
Evolon D Cleaner Orthodontic...

Evolon D Cleaner Orthodontic Appliances Mouth Guards Dentures


Evolon D Cleaner Orthodontic Appliances Mouth Guards Dentures Prostheses

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EVOLON's D-Cleaner 306 Advanced a new triple action formula. Now it is concentrated, nonchlorine, more effective safe and easy for use powder solution.

The new formula is suitable for cleaning all types of removable dental prostheses such as; dentures, mouth guards and all kinds of orthodontic appliances.

The formula neutralizes unpleasant odor and prevents any bacteria or microorganism spreading.

It fully removes calcification, plaque, tartar, and extremely stubborn stains, and renews the prostheses shade.


The use of D-Cleaner for only 15 minutes can reduce the pathogenic microorganism formation on the denture surface to 0.01% and provides maximum prosthesis and mouth hygiene.

The formula does not cause corrosion or any other damage to metal alloys.


Neutralizes odors and kills bacteria

Cleans plaque, tartar, and stubborn stains

Maintains the physical properties of the prostheses

renews the original shade


Simple to use in any suitable container. 

One spoon of the powder mixed with 100ml water.

Developed for home or clinic use. requires only 15 minutes for perfect results.

contains 80gr powder and enough for one year of usage (for use once a week).

Lot is for 1 package of 80g powder of evolon D cleaner

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