Pentron FibreKor Fiberglass Root...
Pentron FibreKor Fiberglass Root...
Pentron FibreKor Fiberglass Root...
Pentron FibreKor Fiberglass Root...
Pentron FibreKor Fiberglass Root...

Pentron FibreKor Fiberglass Root Canal Post 1.0mm


Pentron FibreKor Radiopaque Fiberglass Root Canal 10 Posts 1.00mm Red

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Pentron FibreKor posts is Supporting and securing coronal restorations in cases with insufficient residual tooth structure.

Excellent light translucency for efficient light cure deep into the root canal.

Pentron Fiber Posts are extremely elastic which makes them very similar to human dentin for a lower risk of root fracture due to the "wedge effect".

Translucent glass fibers bundled in a proprietary clear resin matrix provide outstanding flexural strength, and help to preserve the natural lifelike esthetics that are desired when all ceramic restorations are prescribed.

Unique resin composition and equally dispersed parallel fibers gives these posts remarkable mechanical strength.

Pentron FibreKor posts flexes with the tooth and transmits the stress more evenly along the remaining root structure to help minimize the instance of root fractures compared to metal.

Fabricated from longitudinal glass fibers encompassed in a strong composite resin matrix, the FibreKor Fiber Post allows an integrated bond between tooth structure, bonding agent, resin cement and composite core material.


  • A unique design allowing excellent adherence of resin cement
  • Excellent aesthetics and light transmission due to the fiber content
  • An intimate bond to tooth connection via resin cements due to the resinous surface of the post
  • Easy shaping and cutting to fit size of any canal for every treatment
  • Reinforced flexural and retentive properties, special non-wedging design
  • Excellent retention to the core and restoration
  • Easy retrieval, using conventional burs and drill bits (if necessary)

Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
Root Canal Treatment
Fiber Glass
Fiber Glass
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Back in 1967, Pentron set a standard for quality and value in the dental consumables marketplace. Over the years, we introduced clinically proven product which still remain popular to this day: FibreKleer™ 4x and FibreKor™ fiber posts, Build-It™ core build up materials, Correct Plus™ VPS impression material, Simile™ universal composite and Breeze™ self-adhesive and RMGI cement systems. Dentists today are accomplishing more and achieving greater results than ever before, in practices that grow increasingly more complex. What we’ve come to realize along the way is that being a cutting edge product manufacturer only satisfies part of the equation. 

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