HDI Denu Seal Light Cure Fissure...

HDI Denu Seal Light Cure Fissure Sealing Material 2 x 1.2ml


HDI Denu Seal Dental Light Curing fissure Sealant - 2 X 1.2ml syringes

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Light curing sealant with great adhesion and hardness.

Prevents dental caries by sealing pits and fissures.

• High flowability for minute pit or fissure.

• High quality of water soluble with optimum nano filler.

• Excellent adhesion and hardness.

• Effective fluoride release.

• Excellent release for usability, sealing ability.

• Great adhesion and no falling.

• Low polymerization contraction ratio and strong abrasion resistance.

• Excellent color match with natural tooth.

Shade: White.

Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
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