DSI ProphyAir Prophylaxis Powder 300g

DSI ProphyAir Prophylaxis Powder 300g


DSI Economical packaging of 300g (35% more than average market volume) with 5 fantastic tastes to choose from - Cherry, Lemon, Mint, Wild Berry and Exotic Fruits.

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DSI Prophy Air Prophylaxis Powder is used in dentistry with the air cleaning and polishing devices. Suggested for supragingival prophylaxis treatments.

Field of Use:

• Effective plaque and stain removal

• Surface preparation for cementation or composite restoration

• Teeth polishing

• Suitable for cleaning before the caries detection or bleaching

• Pleasant aftertaste and no hypersensitivity due to the special formula.

Field of use
Tooth Surface Cleaning
Prophy Powder
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100 Items


* One of the leading dental companies in Israel.

* Advanced technological development.

* High medical standards manufacturing facilities.

* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

* Time tested products and breakthrough innovations in one company.

* Focus on successful partnership conditions.

* Commitment and loyalty to every customer needs 24/7.

* OEM and on-demand production services.

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