DSI Formocresol Root Canal...
DSI Formocresol Root Canal...

DSI Formocresol Root Canal Desinfection Pulp Devitalization 15ml


DSI Formocresol Liquid, 15 ml

• Works great as a pain relief and proven in the case of pulp inflammation.

• Ideal for pulp devitalization prior to mortal extirpation and residual devitalization after removal of non vital pulp tissue.

• It is used as an additional devitalizing medicine for the secondary treatment, on teeth and root canals.

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Formocresol has been in use for more than hundred years in dentistry and it is the most popular medicament for pulpotomy in primary teeth among pediatric dentists all over the world.  Formocresol is considered the gold standard and remains the most commonly used material for pulpotomies.

The indication for the use of Formocresol is primarily the presence of a carious exposure and desire to retain the primary tooth until exfoliation. The efficiency of Formocresol has been extensively studied, with an exceptionally successful clinical statistics rate.

Formocresol is strongly bactericidal and reversibly inhibits many enzymes in the inflammatory process. It produces an area of necrosis in the adjacent pulp tissue with the fixative effect on the tissues diminishing towards the apex.

Originally, the aim of using Formocresol was to completely mummify (fix) all residual pulpal tissue and necrotic material within the root canal. Current techniques, however, aim to create a very superficial layer of fixation, while preserving the vitality of the deeper radicular pulp.



Extremely effective pulp devitilizer
Powerful disinfectant
Root canal dressing
Milk teeth pulp preparation
It does not influence physiological root resorption of primary tooth
Has strong antibacterial properties
Proven success rate is more than 90%

Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
Pulp Devitalizer
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